Pure Play Virtual Race Center

Pure Play Virtual Run Center is a brand new Virtual Race Company organizing virtual races throughout the year to help keep you moving and to keep your motivation going strong. Pure Play Virtual Run Center will be donating to selected charites with each registration. So run, earn medals and swag and donate to a great cause all in one!

If you're just starting out and are a beginner runner with any goals we encourage you to walk the miles with us at your OWN pace and at your OWN place. We will be there cheering you on towards your finish lines on the side lines. If you're a seasoned runner, you may want to complete your miles at record speeds and build new PR's. Whether you're walking or running, biking, using an elliptical, if you are doing a 5k, 10k or Half Marathon; indoors or outdoors, our mission is the same...to excite you to join us and GET MOVING! At Pure Play, pace doesn't matter, place doesn't matter, we just want to see you move! We want you to move, we want to encourage you and we want you to encourage others to move with you, we want you to join in on this journey of virtual running!

"Crawl until you can walk; walk until you can run, and then run and inspire others to join us of this awesome journey of virtual running!"

"A 15 minute mile is just as far as a 6 minute mile"

"Your finish time doesn't matter, just finishing the race does!"


As part of our Pure Play goal, we strive to make you feel accomplished and want to help you see that life itself is meant to be an exciting journey. Our "medals" are designed to honor your success on your accomplishments! We hope that you display your medals somewhere where everyone, including yourself, can see them and that they remind you of this accomplishment and that you DID THIS!!

We want our members to achieve their own fitness goals at their own pace. Everyone's goals are different and we all have different minds, either way we will encourage you to "work towards" that fitness body and fitness mind by having a fitness in your life making you a happier and healthier person.

Happy people = Happy Lives

Pure Play's motto is "Just Keep Moving"
We want you to "just keep moving" for the benefits of fitness. You will feel great, you will look amazing, you will encourage others to move with you and you will certainly find friends along this fitness journey. We want to help you to "just keep moving" through our upcoming events!

Here at Pure Play Virtual Run Center we are planning big things for the future. Coming soon will be fitness charts and training tips. Recipes and meal ideas will be part of this website, and much, much more!!! Stay tuned and join the journey with us...........

We want make a difference in this world starting with you and donating to Charities. Donating to Charities is a big part of our goal. We will be donating a minimum of 10% of the profits from each of our virtual runs to a charity of our choice.